What We Do

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Colmena Design specializes in making games for a difference, where play, engagement, and learning meet as one. Impactful designs can change the world.

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Through amazing animations, our team brings a new layer of understanding to concepts and ideas, creating unique videos that inspire change and action.

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Einstein and the Honeybee is an easy-to-read introduction to game design and development. Approach game design through expert methodologies.

Games for a Difference

Colmena Design is comprised of a group of designers and developers focused on creating engaging and purposeful experiential designs for learning in the public and private sectors. 

This work is underscored by a dedicated attention to the potential for social and cultural impact through design, and is built on the principle that a small collaborative community has the opportunity for global impact.

Our work in game design and education is founded on a belief that engaging through play can change how people learn about, interact with, and change our world.

Who We Are

Colmena Design is comprised of multitalented people from differing backgrounds. Designers, writers, artists, developers, teachers; each of us brings different strengths to the table that help us create unique and engaging services and products.

Chris Aiken Bio Pic

Chris Aiken - Executive Director

Writer. Game designer. Super nerd. Using his experience and knowledge of games, he aspires to work in a platform that will allow him judge and discuss games on a higher level.

Dielka Cueto Bio Pic.

Dielka Cueto - Graphic Designer

Pattern lover, aesthetics queen, and taco night enthusiast, Dielka's love for the digital arts has led to her being a great graphic designer, creating amazing visual works.

Elijah Headshot 2

Elijah Richmond - Game Designer

Designer, developer, and overall madman, Elijah's passion for design and games often leaves him working endlessly into the night. The end results are often innovative games that seek to break the mold.

Josué Advincola Bio Pic.

Josué Advincola - Animator

Art, comic books, and animation. Taking an avid interest in all of these things, Josué pursued animation. With every project he takes his art to the next level, creating captivating characters and stories.

Dylan Shad Bio Pic

Dylan Shad – Lead Concept Designer

Game design guru and a little eccentric, Dylan's work as a designer explores the intersection of play, freedom, and social interaction. His unique look at game design has led to some of Colmena's best work.

Jose Profile

Jose Martinez - Animator

Animator extraordinaire. It's hard not to find Jose painting or sketching something new and exciting. He brings the best of his talents to Colmena Design, creating animations that engage and entertain.