About Bond Raiders


Bond Raiders is a card game where each card represents an atom or a bond. Players build ordered sets and functional groups, which allows players to rack up points. A Functional Group recipe card is included in order for players to recognize and learn possible set combinations.

Conflict arises as opponents raid each other’s hands in order to create functional groups that will help them to win the game. Optimal gameplay involves four players, although the game can be played with only two players.

How Bond Raiders Came Together

Teaching organic functional groups to environmental chemistry students was a big hurdle for science professors at Hostos Community College. The solution to this problem became Bond Raiders, a fun card game that helps students build and remember chemical bonds.

One of the guiding mandates that Colmena enforced during the creation of the G-FMS games was making sure all of them are playable without having prior knowledge of the subject's material. With that in mind, we implemented elements of environmental chemistry into the cards and turned making functional bonds into the primary goal.

Gameplay involves players creating their own quadrant of atoms and bonds. Throughout play they steal from one another for the chance to create as many functional groups as possible. Using a recipe card tells players what functional groups are available to create.

Tackling the Student Learning Outcomes of Environmental Chemistry

Bond Raiders was created to be used in conjunction with lab assignments involving 3D models of the functional groups found in the game. The color scheme of the atom and bond cards, as well as the terminology of the cards match those of the lab kit within the classroom. These principles  and terms become more familiar through the low stakes form of play. For more advanced students, it becomes a fun and engaging study aid.

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