About Us

Colmena Design originally formed as the Hostos Hive Cooperative in 2012 - a group five young designers, artists, and writers, who came together with their professor to create a new textbook. Through their hard work and dedication Einstein and the Honeybee: An Introduction to Game Design was born. Together, they created an easy-to-access introduction into the world of game design for new and aspiring students. 

What was once a humble project became something much bigger. The Hive knew that they could do more, create more, inspiring not only a new mission but a change altogether. As Colmena Design, they focused on creating games and media for a difference. Projects that spread awareness and integrated engaging play with learning. 

Soon after, Colmena tackled one of their biggest projects: The Game-Framed Math and Science (G-FMS) Initiative. Over the course of two years, the team created 15 math and science games. At the same time, they introduced them into college level developmental courses, as well as the Hostos Summer Games Institute. Students from high-school to college engaged in subjects through play and created their own games to use as study aids. In the end, the project saw success as students were more willing to tackle subjects that they often feared. 

Colmena Design expanded its services with its media division, adding animators to the team. Their work includes comprehensive visual guides for education institutions like CUNY Central. They have created amazing animated videos which guide new students through the college process, so that they know what tools are at their disposal. 

The team at Colmena Design continues to make a difference with their latest projects. Recently, they created Einstein and the Honeybee, a game the address the subject Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and inspires the young to save the bees. With more projects on the horizon, Colmena Design strives to continue making a social and cultural impact through games and media.